Healers can be found in all walks of life. We aim to make our classes and training programs accessible to all who are interested, regardless of income or circumstance.  The tuition we receive covers only our most basic expenses.


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The rest of our expenses, including instructor pay, are covered by the contributions of community members like yourself.  Only through the generosity of our donors are we able to keep the cost of attendance low and affordable to many.  Without fundraising, we would need to charge more than double our current tuition rates.

We work tirelessly to provide the highest standard of education possible - combining the wisdom of ancient civilizations, the standards of traditional academia, and an ever evolving knowledge of healing.  We are creating a genre of modern Healers, to address the need for this work in our society.  Please help us continue on this mission.

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FourWinds has been generously sponsored by Wright Bros, Inc., based in Cincinnati, OH. 

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