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These classes are hosted at FourWinds Academy,
but registration is through the presenter.

To Register: ph. Pat (937) 626-2392 email : info@whitedovecircle.com

Ascension Circle Pat Zimmerman

No class in May
Sat. June 18; 1-5pm $25

3rd Saturday of the month

  Tuition: $25


The class begins with understanding the spiritual hierarchy, then we spend time understanding each of the 7 main rays and the masters, angelic realm, etc. that are in charge of the ray.  The information about the rays is extremely important as we move into the Golden Age.  We talk about why we are ascending and what is expected of us in order to ascend.  We also talk about Telos, a city within Mt. Shasta, and the advanced souls that live there.  They are reaching out to us to help us as we move into the 5th dimension based on their experience.  The group living in Telos formerly lived in Lemuria.  They received permission to move into the earth to live when Lemuria went down and have existed there ever since. 
Part of the class includes an ascension ceremony which involves going to an ascension chair and an elixir of sparkling apple juice.  The purpose of the chair and elixir are explained at the time of the first ceremony. 
Each participant takes their turn in the chair in prayer (for 3-5 minutes) while St. Germain works on raising their vibration.  You can really feel the work being done while sitting in the chair.  While one person is in the chair, the rest of the group supports that person with their own prayers and meditation.  It is a very powerful time.
Once everyone has gone to the chair, we all receive the elixir which has been changed by St. Germain into a golden elixir to help us grow in love.
The class and the ceremony are very beautiful!  You can feel the presence of all of the beings in the room.  The energy of the room is especially high during the time of the ceremony. 
We will meet once a month on a Saturday afternoon, from 1-5 pm.  Everyone brings a snack to pass which we eat during the 1/2-hr social time before class and after, so people are well grounded when they leave. 

Note: Each session is complete in itself. You do not have to come to every meeting and you can begin at any time.

Pat is the State of Ohio Coordinator for the Telos study group based in Mt. Shasta under the direction of Aurelia Louise Jones.  She is an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek and a teacher of metaphysics, a field in which she has studied in-depth for over 20 years.  She is a healer incorporating many different modalities (including crystal surgery and medical intuitive) and also teaches classes on crystals, reiki, and the science of healing. Pat is a past board member of FourWinds Academy.

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